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                                 The Spirit Filled Woman of God''
 She is a woman filled with the Spirit Of God ; She is a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, auntie or a cousin, or a good friend.
 A woman who has surrendered her life and will to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. A woman who wears strength and honor as her clothing. A woman that shall rejoice in time to come. One that when she open her mouth to speak wisdom shall overflow from it and her words shall be only the law of kindness. her husband shall praise her, and her children shall rise up and call her bless. She is one that trains up her children in the way that they should go, that when they get older they will not depart from her training. She is not a selfish woman, but a woman of many talent a spirit filled woman who prays for her family, friend, and even her enemies. She is a woman that knows what it means to worship the Father in Spirit and truth. She knows how important her relationship is with her heavenly Father and her family. She trusts Him, as she embraces His every Word in her HEART, SOUL, and MIND, spending time alone as she meditate on every word. There is no hate, jealousy, or anger, or deceit in her. Because she is a woman that fears the Lord who shall be praised. Who can find such a virtuous woman, for her worth is far above rubies and her husband trusts her safely in his heart. She will rise early to get food ready for her family. Grace and beauty is her light that one will see. The inner beauty as an outward light shining through from the spirit that dwell inside of her. Graceful and elegant are her statue the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance . She will apply her heart to wisdom and understanding, because she knows that she needs them both. She don't just know of them but she embrace wisdom and follows after understanding. Knowing that patience, discernment, favor, prosperity, safety, and other benefits will come to her and her family. She is a woman who is striving to be holy as she knows her Father in heaven is holy. A Spirit Filled Woman is not worried about needs for she knows her heaven Father shall supply it. So she continues to seek after His holy kingdom. She is a witness to all who's willing to listen, telling them of the greatest love one could every have. She may have been a woman that was broken, abused, lonely, or even just afraid. But she is changed, rejoicing  in God's grace and mercy which is new to her everyday. Always giving, thanksgiving and praise, and always remembering, who's her Savior, Comforter, Teacher, and guidance. She never for gets to pray, and puts on her armor or give praise to her  heavenly Father in Jesus name. Her life is not the same she has a new walk, talk, she is a new creation, having a song of praise always a in her heart even when there's suffering, and circumstances that comes each day. She turns it over to her Father and just let it go. She never looks down or belittle anyone as she knows her closet was full once and that she was on that long dark valley road.  God has been good to her! She lets her light shines, that men may she her good works and glorify her Father in heaven! She knows how to wait on the Father with courage knowing that He shall strengthen her heart.  She a woman who can cry out in prayer for those that ask, for she not a shame to call out to the Lord! She is a blessed Woman!! A woman that is of great endurance and favor. She is the Daughter of Almighty God, a heavenly Father who gave her an unconditional love, even if she does has some character defects, short coming, imperfections, weakness, inadequacy. She is filled with the Holy Spirit! a 'Spirit Filled Woman of God!!
 By Rev. Dr. Doris Dorsey
I Surrender All (Alone In His Presence Album Version)
CeCe Winans (Alone In His Presence)

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