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''Characteristics of A Godly Woman of Excellence''
She is a Woman of prayer and the Word
She is a Woman of Fasting and Faith
She is a Woman of Humility and Love
She is a Spirit-filled, Spirit-led Woman
She is a Woman of Wisdom
She is a Prepared Woman
She does not accept Failure or Defeat
She is Bold and Militant, but Poised and Strong
She is a Woman of Generosity(Giver)
She discerns the seasons and the times
She is filled with Grace and Dignity
She celebrates herself as well as others
She respects herself and others
She is not a yesterday person living in her past; she is not a today person living on the success of others; she is a tomorrow person who has a bright future and she pushes others into their destiny
She chooses her friends wisely
She is a woman in control of her tongue
She is a person of focus-not distracted by trials or cares
She is a Woman of Balance and Discipline
She sets goals and accomplishes them
She avoids the sin trend; 
Hollywood ideas of womanhood
Seductions of lesbianism
Lies and Deceit
Provocative dress codes
No indulgence in substance abuse, drugs/alcohol etc.
She excels in her relationships as Friend, Sister, Mother, and/or Wife
She holds the Law of Kindness in her mouth
She is Beautiful, Exciting, and Creative
She sits at her Master's (Jesus Christ) Feet

'' for her price is far above rubies'' Proverbs 31:10 b

Written by; Rev. Dr. Barbara Fishburn Ministries
 Copyright 2007

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